What is SignInMate?

SignInMate is a cloud-based platform that is fully customizable and easy‑to‑use. Designed exclusively for life science companies, SignInMate simplifies event check-in for event managers, attendees and sales reps.


Simply upload your attendee list ahead of time then check in attendees on your tablet with the touch of a button.

  • Compliance

    Built-in Sunshine Act tracking and reporting

  • Turnkey

    Hit the ground running with a pre-developed, fully-tested framework

  • Flexible

    Stick to your budget with cost-effective solutions for add-ons and platform customization

  • Efficient

    Find attendees faster with filtering and autocomplete

  • User Friendly

    Simple tools that make it easy to create customized registration forms and emails

  • Real-time

    Auto sync lets everyone see who’s arrived the moment they check in

  • Security

    Cloud based for secure, accessible data with unlimited storage capacity

  • Accessibility

    Compatible with all major mobile devices


Take a tour to learn how SignInMate could work at your next event and how easy they are to setup and manage. Use the buttons below to view each piece of functionality.

Attendee Listing

  • Search Attendees
    Start typing an attendee’s name or email and a list of matches is instantly displayed.
  • Add Attendee
    Quickly add a new attendee on site and sign them in.
  • View List
    View all attendees currently registered for this event.
  • Tabs
    Easily switch between lists to see who has already signed in, who has yet to sign in, and get a summary of attendance and meal requests.
  • Info
    Attendees review their pre-populated information and make any edits or additions needed.
  • Signature
    Attendees use the touchscreen to sign their name.
  • Event Overview
    Quickly view a listing of all events including an attendance overview.
  • Calendar
    View past and upcoming events on an interactive calendar.
  • Attendee List
    View all registered attendees and their current sign in status.
  • Reports
    Download an Excel report including all of the attendees data or a pre-populated sign in sheet to print before the event.
  • Event Details
    Fill in all of the basic details about the event and upload a logo.
  • Form Builder
    Build custom forms for attendees to fill out.
  • Upload Attendees
    Upload a spreadsheet of attendee information to include on the sign in sheet.

Get Started

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See for yourself how efficient your next event can be with SignInMate